Coming eventually to a retailer near you.

When an author writes non-fiction and fiction satire, science fiction, fantasy, or some form of combination? It's natural to be curious about what comes first.

"Game Over - A Marriage of Madness and Lies" is non-fiction satire that is the first of its kind in topic and style. But it needs an agent, then a publisher, then a few rounds with an editor. Then I get to put the final description here on the page. 

Just know something true, gripping, and never written about before, is on its way very, very soon (At least when it comes to the world of publishing).

After that? Just you wait. Humor for the college reader. Well, any reader really. But geared towards those slightly older than "young adult." Blending a satirical take on science fiction and fantasy it is surprisingly epic for comedic writing. With just enough grit to make it good.