Why I do what I do


The first book I read by myself was Matilda by Roald Dahl, at age five. While fitting I had a much stronger start as my father had already read to me. Books like Charlottes Web, The BFG, and James and the Giant Peach. 

My first adult novel was devoured in a three day weekend when I was nine. "Tailchaser's Song." by Tad Williams. I didn't yet realize I had found my favorite author as I ended up "rediscovering" him when I was in college. But I did know I had found my calling - one of them at least.

I already wanted to be an Actress. But now I also wanted to be a writer and became scribbling stories as soon as I came back to school. Despite Dyslexia and other learning disabilities I fought and fought to practice and persevere. With patience I did both.

When I was twenty-five I gave up the idea of being an Actress, it no longer appealed to me and as treatment for Bipolar kicked in it was just as well. But the dream of weaving stories never lost its fire.

In 2016 I finished my first novel. As it is not available for sale one can presume it did not stay finished. I did at one point think it ready and gave self-publishing a go. But instinct had me pull it a mere two weeks after it became available. And it is now on the back burner as I improved as a writer and thus the book frankly just wasn't good enough anymore.

I've spent years - decades - honing my skills. And since 2016 exploded with potential and stories. I need to take breaks from books for my subconscious to chew over them. So I work on something else instead. 

As a result I had to finally put a limit on ideas as non-fiction crept into my life as well. So I'm down to four six-book epics, and three vacation projects I just toy with in between. I just hope to god I either write fast enough or live long enough to get them all down - as that's not including a very bizarre aspect of my life. I have endless fuel for non-fiction satire - making fun of myself!

The good news is, as I need to constantly work but can't constantly work on the same project without my brain screaming for a break? I've already got quite a few different books down the pipelines. The book I started with has been so pulled apart I don't consider myself having written the a single draft of the new version. But that hasn't stopped me from starting the second draft of two other books while five more wait their turn.

It did make a difference that that twice now I found out the book I wrote is more than one. I've gotten better at planning plots since then. You don't ever get to the point there's no room to improve, even if it's in the back end efficiency.

Thanks to linux and the novel writing software, oStorybook, I have gotten faster too. So I just might make my goal of sharing all my stories twirling from my fingertips.