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Welcome to www.melissadevlin.com 6.0!

Yes it really did take that many stabs to get it somewhat right, and those are the ones I published. That's writing for you.

This site is bigger than it looks, and I expect it to grow. As tempted as I sometimes am, to drop the whole thing in the trash and start over, some people actually seem to like what I write so I'm stuck with it.

Please go here for an explanation of what this site is all about.

Please go here if you want to know who am I anyway.

You can find my section on writing here bring your goggles there is a lot of it.

I've picked up a few tidbits about Technical Writing, they are here.

Books will be found here eventually.

My blog, such as it is, is occasionally updated here.

If you want to find your way around quickly I have a sitemap.

If you want to find your way around less quickly you can do a google search below.

only search melissadevlin.com

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