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Social media are now so fully integrated into everything web related you can’t really ignore their importance. Experts will all profess your web presence is an important part of marketing. You should have a website, Facebook public profile, a twitter feed, a blog, instagram, pinterest, all the ones you can manage  - and hire someone if you can't do more.

But here's the thing Don't be a dick about it.

The purpose of social media is not just to sell books. You are an artist not a salesman. Advertise the crap out of your books, sure. But remember why you wrote them in the first place. Just in case someone else likes to read what you write.

Social Media is for your audience, Not you

You'r not hawking miracle oils. Your readers want to know about you. And your haters are waiting to get schooled by your cool wit. (Sorry Trolls, you're target practice).

They want to know how the books going. What your life's like. What things interest you. They want to ask questions about the books. Whether you answer them or not. (I shall divulge no secrets) Engage with them. You reached out to them with your book. And they are reaching back.

Why should you listen to me?

My day job is social media

I could tell you all the slick tricks to get attention; all the pretty buzzwords. I could tell you how to oversell your blogs, and make your newsletters the most dreaded emails to show up in the box.

I could also tell you the good ways. After all I do use a Social Media app to keep in touch. Once you find something that helps the oblivious keep up, you keep it around.

Newsletters should be reaching out, actually sharing your world with others. You know. News. About You and your books. They don't have to be long but what is so hard about a sincere note of "what's up"?

Just don't use your social media as a broadcaster for everything "you" okay? That's all you need to do.

Broadcast sometimes, for sure. But take positions, have conversations, share interesting items. Have a personality. Be Someone. Be yourself.







Last updated March 16th, 2018

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