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Here is a hint to get you through to your first novel.

Keep writing.

You will go through a phase wherein everything sounds like another author. Or the plot is a near subconscious rip off. Or you know somehow it’s not original enough.

Keep writing.

You will pour out pages and pages of work you know is drivel, but still can’t find your own rhythm and tempo. They may hold uncut gems however so you mustn’t delete them.

Keep writing.

You will try different methods for teasing out a story, struggling to find your own voice, your own ideas; the work you know in your soul is there somewhere. Outlining, restructuring diving in. Anything and everything to dig deeper.

Keep writing.

Eventually you will find your own process, the advice of other authors will combine into a new pattern entirely unique but with power and purpose. You will still have days it all looks like crap to you. But you will have days when the clock stops ticking and your mind starts moving.

Now write.















Last updated March 16th, 2018

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