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Dangerous Truth Cover and latest details

If you don't already follow me on facebook (link below) you might not know I frequently comment on mental illness. But that's not all I get up to besides writing articles about writing. Here you will find:

Information on the Ace of Geeks, with lists of my articles and podcast appearances.

The Creative Mentoring I do for other artists, not just writers. (Though writers too)

Some of my Poetry, from those rare times I still write it. When I find my old stuff I will post more.

A collection of of my facebook rants about social justice. This section is likely to grow into articles about the topic one day.

Another collection -also with dates - of facebook comments. These ones about Bipolar and mental illness. This section is likely to grow into articles and links to resources when I get around to it as well.

And there's always the rest. Pieces about body image issues and content that is worth sharing but not easily catorgarized.










Last updated February 20th, 2018

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