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Ace of Geeks (A.o.G.)

The Ace of Geeks is a media start-up that started as a podcast by cofounders Jarys Maragopolous and Mike Fatum. It grew into a website with daily new articles on the week days, a youtube channel, instragram, twitter, tumbler, you name it. We have a vast staff currently working for the passion of it alone.

The focus is on geek and nerd culture and sprawls into social justice on numerous occasions. Some of the articles I've written for them are about mental health. It really is varied. Check them out at and explore!

For those looking for my articles and appearances on the podcast I am providing a list as I am an infrequent contributor. But I really encourage you to explore all the amazing things this budding media empire has built with a huge team. Our staff members care more about each other than what we are building, but we still love what we are doing. Some of us are in it for everyone else's sake. We're creating this thing together.

You can find my Articles here, and my Podcast appearances here. (or in the links above)

Last updated July 31st, 2016

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