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August 17th - "Dangerous Truth has beep pulled From print
Revised Edition Under Production

I found an editor who can bring out the best in me. And that is what I want out there.

I have always said I all writers need an editor, and I'm no different. I had set the publishing date long before I made the anouncement. But in time for my editor. We had two problems. Me editor is pyschic and knew exaclty what I meant so she couldn't see that while my characters were complex and full of flaws, that never actually came accros. And then she ran out of time

I should have pulled the publishing date. But life was extremely stressful. (see this blog post as an example) and I wasn't thinkink straight.

But kicking it out the door beside my best advice to all writers landed me with an editor who works with long projects. Raven Knighte

So stay tuned for a finer tuned book



June 20th - "Dangerous Truthis outEdit: Was out"


The first available book in the series: "The Chronicles of Elyan Sindal"



March 18, 2018 Release date has been set!

"Dangerous Truth"

The first available book in the series:

"The Chronicles of Elyan Sindal"

Will be available,

June 20th, 2018


March 18, 2018 Website 7.0 is Live!

Yep I overhauled my site. It was time

I've also added a new section called Other Works that shares all the other snippets of things I get up to - from poetry and rants about social justice, to articles for the Ace of Geeks, and Bipolar blurbs.


March 20th, 2016 - I finished! (Sort of)

Book one of my series is complete, it is now in the editing stage before presenting to my alpha reader, at which point more edits will need to be made.

See my section under books for latest updates.

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Last updated August 17th, 2018


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