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An Indistinguishable Reality

This Photo Poetry Book about Bipolar I has had quite some stumbles. Originally just a finished work that I ussed to test publishing in all forms, this better titled version was once known as Natural Poetry.

I had meant it as a play on the nature of the self but learnt an important lesson in book covers. Do not put a pick of Nature that you associate with emotions on the front of a book called natural poetry. It doesn't exactly convey what you want it to.

It is a short slip, but combined with moving poetry, you can see a mind broken behind the images, mostly taken in Beautiful Scotland. (there's an index at the back. Contained inside it the poem I would like you to share:



Michael of "News" Steps:

I am apart.

It rains and I have no shelter.

So in shadows and arches I hide,

And I am never seen.

Walking past me are the lives of others,

Never knowing where they tread.

I have been witness to all in time,

But none within my reach.

Look at me and see your fear,

Humanity stripped bare.

I am the truth of all,

And I have nothing.

Share with me this body

And you shall know my journey.

I am educated by all I see,

But none will know my name.

The need for your sweet charity

Keeps me within your world.

Pennies you think little of

Are my only ties.

Yet this fragile bond I hold,

Finds me seeking hope.

Like all the others passing,

I seek proof of life.

I am wet.

I am hungry.

I am cold.

And I am filled by this.

Look at me and see a brother,

For I belonged to someone.

Can you really safely say

I am none of your concern?

I am of your flesh and blood,

My fate is yours as well.

The homeless have a face,

And today that face is mine.

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Last updated June 30th, 2018

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