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The Chronicals of Elyan Sindal, Book One: Dangerous Truth


To be published in Dyslexie Font. Interior formatting designed for the ease of dyslexic readers. It may also be helpful to readers with attention difficulties.


"Dragged into a fight that is not her own, Elyan Sindal holds the key to Prince Falcon Di’ane’s fate. But getting along with his Ambassador is taking all her patience. The count down has already begun. It's time to wake up and start running.

This retro-sci-fi thriller weaves drama and action into a fluid, complex tale of espionage, trust, and courage."


Language: Intercontinental English. Expect a few quirks.


To be released

June 20th, 2018


Why did I decide to use Amazon's Create Space?

I have dyslexia and discovered dyslexie font quite a time after writing the first book. (It turns out I've been sitting on a finished book for far longer than I realized.)

Once I found a font I could read in, I determined I could publish in nothing else. So I made arrangements with it's designer.

With his help I formatted my book with dyslexics in mind. I can't guarentee I got his instructions perfectly correct. But they are to the best of my ability. I truly hope to produce a book everyone can read.

More so, I suspect it may be easier for those with attentional difficutlites to read. It is a truly new way of presenting a book. Some will hate it. Others may find it's perfect for them.

People who have no trouble reading can easily read dyslexie font, some find it easier than other ones even without dyslexia. And for dyslexics I find there is no better alternative. I've seen the open source version and it's just not as easy to read.

It means I need to pay for its use, and as sales grow so do my costs. But it's well worth the price of knowing my book is more accessable.

You will soon be get the audiobook version read by me.



Last updated March 18th, 2018

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