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My too fucking timely prologue.

June 14th 2018

This series has been 23 years in the making. 17 years ago it was highly influenced by America's reaction to 2001. Or really the right wing's. At least 10 years ago I wrote the prologue. It was finalized sometime under Obama.

I don't know why I didn't see it coming. I wrote it. What do I mean? Well, please enjoy a look at my book with the prologue. With details I reveal in the book I do not want to be a modern day Cassandra.

The night before 9/11 I complained of this excruciating pressure, like the country was going to burst.

Now I feel like I am in the collapse of the American Empire as power moves westward again back to China. Power has been moving westward for thousands of years. It can complete the clock. America doesn't deserve power any more than any other country. But... well read.

Think I'm hysterical? Please stop the Trump Adminstration and prove me wrong. I would love that.

And don't act like terrorism can't reach this shore again. It's just now done by the government.

Edit. It was on bad advice I rewrote my prologue. Upon reading the orignal my editor told me not to listen to anyone else again!


A brief history of the Empire by Calista Del’Tredes
82, Anno Imperator Niccoli.

The story of the famous urakoi, Elyan Sindal, begins eighty-two years after the greatest disaster to hit humankind: Blackwatch Industries. And if you are to understand her role, you must understand the history of what came before her.

The Tyranny of earth's “great” empire rose as they all do, on the back of hope. Dreams of a brighter future briefly flourished under Niccoli’s touch until all of humanity was trapped in his suffocating grasp. And it was too late.

Before he came to power, climate change, disease, war, famine, and greed had broken the fabric of society across the globe. Corporations held most of the power. Most were left barely clinging to life beneath the weight of rampant capitalism.

Niccoli’s start was humble. His uninventive company nothing more than an avenue for consumption, gobbling up smaller organizations under his umbrella. But when a subsidiary’s research led them to restore the atmosphere, the tide turned in his favour.

Chemical nanotechnology refroze the icebergs.

Genetic research restored the crops and livestock.

Electronic farms supplied the energy.

Storms whipped turbines into power generators.

Even light reflected from snow was harnessed to produce clean, low emission fuel.

Nothing went to waste.

But he did not stop there. The deadly plague that had ripped through the earth was quarantined and controlled, until all sufferers finally died of illness. Only a handful of untreatable diseases remained as a danger. The new dawn had emerged.

With a price.

Niccoli rose above the others as the savior of life on earth. Charming and egocentric, he lured the remaining populace into a new vision of mankind - one united under his monarchy.

A tight leash was promised, and in return Niccoli would ride the stars, expand earths reach, and usher in a new era of prosperity. The apex of earth’s children could begin. But the wake of progress was nothing short of cultural devastation.

Countries were obliterated, religious ideology all but exterminated, families forced to move and split up - even commerce was brought under his grip. Any resistance was dealt with in deadly secret. The dark undercurrent that protected society’s illusions began as the Blackwatch was formed - a covert group taking the company name to disguise their abhorrent activities. All beneath a shiny exterior surface of a modern new world.

With the wealth of the planet under his domain Niccoli pushed forward with the search for impossible space travel, and better living - intent on burning his name as the greatest man in history.

Hypercities sprung to life, right on top of the old - all at his demand. He ordered the destruction of thousands of years of history without a thought. But the people let him. Divided and confused, they were lured into his thinking. Why waste time on the past when the future was so promising. Surely this was all for the best.

They didn’t want to face the beast they had created.

As the first tower broke ground, the twist of galactic physics succeeded: faster than light technology. A journey that should take centuries could now be completed in days.

With an insatiable hunger for greatness, Niccoli seized upon the opportunity to expand, searching out and finding alien life. He soon claimed the planet of the mysterious people he nicknamed ionians.

They adapted to their new leaders, in theory, appearing to welcome more advanced technology into a society that had yet to invent the Internet. On earth the victory was the glory of humans, but on Iona the wars of the clans constantly nudged at the facade of peace.

Some believed it would have been better to stabilize the second planet first. But Niccoli turned his attention to Urax and their unique scientists. A move that cost more in lives than any other war in the history of man.

Superior resources dwindled as the inventive urakoi dodged every attempt to crack down on power. Indeed, he would never live to see any form of victory in Urax.

Just as the war came to a crisis, doubts began to emerge at home. Citizens questioned if the loss of liberties had been worth the illusion of interstellar paradise. And as more and more money poured into certain defeat, morale plummeted. By the time Niccoli’s reign was finally passed to his son the empire’s golden age was already fading.

The new emperor forged an uneasy treaty with the weak and unpopular urakoi, Saul. But rebels rose to counter what most considered continued occupation. Unless the humans pulled out completely they would never know peace.

Just twenty years later Niccoli’s grandson claimed the throne as the elite were struggling to stay in control - his weak presence doing nothing to curb the rampant corruption and greed that had wormed its way back into the influential.

Still the idea of a perfect society lingered in the mind of Kyros, the child-like-emperor’s second in command, and leader of the military. There was still one more planet to plunder. So long as Emperor Nathan could be convinced, war with the lacoi would surely bring fast victory and shore up the dying empire.

It must have seemed so simple.

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