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I have been working as a writer since I was nine years old. And I was always told the same thing. I would need something to fall back on.

I have been in too many jobs to count, but enough to have done some well rounded research in the process. I crashed and burned every time because I have Bipolar I with pyschotic symptoms

I have managed to find something to fall back on. Social media. Which has taught me how to do my own, but I honestly often don't have the spoons.

And it's a very part time job.

And I married a school teacher and live in the San Francisco Bay Area. The only reason I'm not a starving artist is from aide from my parents. And that can't last.

So I might as well let you know I'm very poor, and if you can spare a $1, $5, $15, Your choice. I would appreciate it. I even have a limited number of $50 offers.

Maybe you need to see my book first, and I understand. But if you like what I write about on my blog, don't worry I will keep being fierce.

Please consider backing me as an artist.


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Last updated June 2nd, 2018

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