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First, I'm sorry mobile users. I am working on a way to bring you a more usable format. I'm a one woman band here. But I am not ignoring your needs. I just don't know how to fufill them at the moment.

Dangerous Truth
Has been pulled from print
Revised Edition Under Production

I have found an editor who can bring out the best in me. I always said all writers need an editor. It's aslo true all writers need the right editor. Don't make my mistakes.

I also learnt a lot from my self publishing flop, which I will be sharing. When I have time to write something up

This site is bigger than it looks, and I expect it to grow. As tempted as I sometimes am, to drop the whole thing in the trash and start over, some people actually seem to like what I write so I'm stuck with it.


Please go here for an explanation of what this site is all about.

Please go here if you want to know who am I anyway.

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Last updated August 17th, 2018


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