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Do you know when to use which vs. that? Do you really know? Because language evolves and changes. And it's a pretty good idea to know what's going on with it before you commit to word choices that could be jarring to the reader. There is a great resource for this. It's called:

World Wide Words

World Wide Words is entirely written by Michael Quinion, an advisor to the men behind the oxford dictionary. He focuses primarily on running the site that ties together all the wonderful ways English is used in different countries. From his international approach you can glean the trends of changes to the language along with learning the entomology of words and what odd phrases actually mean. He also has a great newsletter that is a must for anyone who wants to have fun with the language.

As is usual for anything free that I recommend, there are ways to support through donations. It's a big ink on the first page. I'm not going to link twice that would be silly.


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