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The amount of research that goes into writing a good book is ridiculous. It's not just urban fantasy and sci-fi that sends authors to books. If we want out concepts to have depth and life we need to dig deep with our subject. Writing about a prophet? Time to do some research on religions. And if you're not going to go straight to amazon then your first search should be to hit the web. Which isn't complete without the powerhouse of information that is Wikipedia.

Okay, you might be saying. But that's pretty obvious. Did I really include this section to just point that out and suggest you:

Donate to Wikipedia

Well, yes and no. While my primary purpose is to draw attention to the fact that the Wikifoundation is a non-profit that always needs financing. I do have something else to comment on, and that is the complaints that Wikipedia is unreliable.

Do people make mistakes? Sure do. What about deliberate misinformation? Dumb asses try, yes. But with the army of editors and contributors that build the world’s greatest repository of all things earth and beyond, you are pretty safe if you know what to look for:


Wikipedia will comment on stubs or articles that have been flagged as lacking sources, but don't rely on it alone. But if you scroll down to the end and see something like this:

You're probably just fine.


The use of a screenshot of a Wikipedia page does not constitute endorsement by them.

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