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Quite a number of years ago I started collecting strange dictionaries and encyclopedias, mostly from used bookstores. Now (and several out of print books later) they are an invaluable resource for creating worlds that hint on existing beliefs and take right turn midway through.

I'm not one to be bound by history or convention, but it's nice to toy with existing material for a seamless transition into a fantasy world that turns the rules upside down.

I highly recommend starting your own collection if you want to write fantasy, particularly urban fantasy as just a little truth goes a long way to creating and maintaining curiosity in your readers. Plus they are fun too. I've flipped through a few of them while stuck until something caught my eye and got me moving in the right direction.

Not everything on my bookshelves is worth mentioning. Here are the ones that are. (It may be of interest to you that unless Koch seriously revised his book,"Occult ABC" is ridiculous in how wrong it is. But it's good to know what misconceptions exist.)

Wait what was that last one?

Yes I included a blank journal right at the end. Why? Because none of these are a substitute for a vivid imagination. Make up your own lore! Just twine it in a knot with history.

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