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Armed with the knowledge of social media, and blogs, and the importance of a web presence, what on earth do you do about your website?

Well you have a few options:

If you're willing to put the effort into learning about HTML, XML, CSS and maybe javascript you really, really should bite the bullet and get Dreamweaver. Yes you need to drop a bunch of cash, but if you want pure awesome in web design, Dreamweaver is really the way to go. That said. I'm using the legacy CS6 version because I can't afford to pay a subscription and think the software as subscription is lame. Its expensive but currently still available on amazon.

For the version I have, I use the Dreamweaver Bible. Don't skip the introduction, it tells you a lot of important information about what is under the hood and the index is awesome.

There are some usability rules that you should be aware of. For the latest scoop on web usability you can always check out by Jacob Nielsen. Oddly it's an ugly site for the best advice on making readable websites but I have a feeling Nielsen is being stubborn with what he considers pure design positives.

Barring that, here is what you need to know:

Once you've hacked out your basic page or hired the closest teenager, you have a few choices as to where to upload to and how. Here's what you need to know about that:

You'll need a domain name. You have millions of options as to how to buy one. The only one I recommend is, because they give the best deal, are the most secure, give you the most control, and I like them.

You'll need a host server. I like They're inexpensive. They have all the best toys. And their interface is simple. That said, you need to really know what you are doing because it's a very bare bones approach. (But their tech support is awesome if you screw up)

FTP (file transfer protocol) is the way to get your site onto your host's server. Dreamweaver has a system built in. I use fireftp for firefox because I have for years and I'm stubborn that way. I'm sure there are other options.

Viola! You have a website complete with bells, whistles, Facebook plug ins, twitter feed, maybe even comments (more power to you) and hopefully some worthwhile content because otherwise you're not going to generate much interest.

*Wysiwyg stands for "What you see is what you get" and is basically a Gui (graphical user interface) for designing webpages.

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