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There are many ways to write and hundreds of ways to get stuck. Whether you have classic block that seems to have no rhyme nor reason; you've seen the end of the road and want to bolt for the opposite direction; you're searching for a way to get back to work after a break or start from scratch, I have ideas. I also have a word about looking for inspiration and pausing for breath.

Can this get you going again? Maybe. I check back on this section myself to be reminded of strategies that have proven to work. And of course I'm always learning new ways to freeze all progress entirely. So this may get added to.

What I've found that applies specifically to writing is in this section, but there are other blockades listed under the creative process tab for when the artist in you is stalled completely. That section includes feeling locked out of your creative soul entirely, the fear that you just aren't half the artist you think you are; the negative influence of opinions from outsiders, procrastination, what I call the banshee’s scream (I will never work again) and the beast - a project that just keeps growing. So if you don't find your answers here perhaps a peak at that section will get you going.

In order of appearance my section on writer's block contains:

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