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July, 15, 2016 - Big things are afoot


I finished my book. I am currently editing it before releasing it to early readers.

I have finally settled on self publishing because I want to use intercontinerntal english and no American editor would let me unless somehow my books became popular as they are. They will be edited by somone other than m,e and I will hire a copy editor. I will make sure the layout and cover are up to snuff as well. It's going to be a lot of hard work. But in the end I will produce something that is fully produced by the orignal artist. (Yes I'm doing the cover design).

It should be available on Kindle and Paperback (with amazon prime) sometime in the next year or two. If I can keep progressing it may be next year. If a wall of bipolar bullshit happens, it will be later. (see the new post)


I'm getting married next year. I'll probably blog about some of it.


New blog post up!

New design under way. This one is dated. I no longer offer technical writing services and I can do better. The blog reboot will go on but interspersed with posts on new topics.


July, 11 2014 - Website 6.0 is launched!


After many false starts getting between 5.0 and 6.0, I have finally bridged the gap between the knowledge base and usability of the site. Plus I've added a crap tonne of content! (Just when you thought I would finally shut up.

For full length latest and greatest details on all the things Melissa please visit my blog. Well I can't promise latest. I go through periods when I'm lousy about keeping up with it.


I've provided all content I own under a Creative Commons License (BY-NC-ND) 3.0. Please go to my copyright page for full details.

Yes this is all my design, coding and bug testing. I'm also the only one who runs it so hopefully I can stay somewhat on top of things. Please email me if you find something I need to fix

Other news:

I'm available for hire! Please see services for more details

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