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I hate writing my biography. I either sound crazy, arrogant, insecure, or all three. It's like sitting down at a wedding and being asked by a perfect stranger, "So tell me about yourself". My mind always blanks and I'm left with the following:

I'm the daughter of Keith Devlin, the mathematician best know for being the math guy at NPR. And Janet Devlin, internationally published playwright. Her recent work has been in Greece. Much earlier her Radio plays were produced by the BBC.

I was born in the UK, as was my sister. My brother is American.

I got my degree in Communication after bouncing around six other majors. It is a great field of study but you only get out what you put into it, so it is not as well regarded. It gave me an advantage in working with web technology so I can't complain.

I've traveled in two continents and 8 countries (technically 9 but I don't remember it)- lived in three of them. Combined I've taken residence in one converted monastery (I was little), one rural village, 10 cities and one home only defined by the county. The latter is my favorite. I've gone from Maine to CA to CO and back to CA again. I'm not sure I recommend it. But it does mean I have lost track of the states I've seen.

I've had more jobs than I can count, possibly more than Tad Williams, but not for as long. As a result I've met lots of different kinds of people. Thanks to Facebook, I keep in touch with many of them.

I've done things I remember fondly, and I've done things I'm not proud of. And my opinion on which is which is variable.

Other then that? I've done stuff and been places. And oh yeah, I write.

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